Documentar una historia de amor es la misión de los especialistas, pero no sólo se trata de plasmar lo que acontece durante una boda, sino que ellos van más allá, porque consiguen transmitir las emociones que se experimentan ese día. Ducrós Fotógrafos, Guadalajara, White Bridal Magazine.

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We all know about proper etiquette at weddings because of the one’s we have attended through out our lives. We are taught the basics and have conformed to these rules all of our lives. However, in this new age of technology, these rules don’t seem to apply as well as they did before.

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Just Engaged; Where do you start?

The feeling just after you are officially engaged can sometimes be overwhelming. After you get over the shock and immense happiness, you are struck with the question; where do I begin? So much to do in so little time, and having no experience at planning a weddings before, you panic! We have come up with a simple list of the first things you need to do to begin on the road towards your special day.

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