Milly +Juan

Nos conocimos un 14 de Octubre del 2017, en un even- to de un muy buen amigo que tenemos en comu?n, en un lugar que se llama Zucca en Mission, TX. Sin nosotros saberlo, ni tener idea alguna, nuestro gru- po de amigos ya teni?an...

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Rancho Guadalupe

Rancho Guadalupe is where country meets modern elegance. With a modern twist on tradition, this 200+ acre ranch is a stunning ceremony and reception venue that has a breathtaking lakefront view. With indoor-outdoor ceremony and reception options that can hold up to 450 guests, Rancho Guadalupe is the ideal venue for every type of celebration or social occasion.

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We all know about proper etiquette at weddings because of the one’s we have attended through out our lives. We are taught the basics and have conformed to these rules all of our lives. However, in this new age of technology, these rules don’t seem to apply as well as they did before.

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Just Engaged; Where do you start?

The feeling just after you are officially engaged can sometimes be overwhelming. After you get over the shock and immense happiness, you are struck with the question; where do I begin? So much to do in so little time, and having no experience at planning a weddings before, you panic! We have come up with a simple list of the first things you need to do to begin on the road towards your special day.

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WHITE Bridal presents Sposa Mia Couture...WHITE Bridal presents you the beautiful world of Sposa Mia CoutureElegant, Timeless, Romantic... THE DREAM DRESS..Video by: John Arriola ( by WHITE Bridal...

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