AMBIANCE Flowers & Rentals

The new face of Special Events.

“YES! I’m crazy about our linen furniture collection. We can recreate some very trendy looks and meet a wide variety of styles, from classic elegance and
sophistication, to bohemian chic.
We have very versatile pieces”.

Lesley Chavez

Our services

Ambiance Flowers & Rentals offers three core services:
• Event furniture rentals: Our event furniture is elegant and somewhat unique.
• Flowers for every occasion: Our florist is meticulous and his work is pure perfection. I can’t take credit for that. He is truly gifted. In fact, some customers have become loyal customers simply because they love our flowers so much.
• Wedding invitations: With respect to invitations, we carry a very renowned brand in the invitation world. Our invitations look and feel luxurious, but are priced very reasonably.

Our brand stands for beauty, authenticity and a service like no other

Our main clientele consist of brides, wedding planners, event designers, and certain venues. The response that we have had has been overwhelmingly positive and our customers are very receptive and complimentary about what we bring to the table. So far we have been lucky enough to catch the eye of some great prospects, and I have extended this challenge to them: meet with us, see what we have to offer and let me give you a proposal. It works every time.


The inspiration

The Rio Grande Valley has very few, but very strong players. I have great respect for my competitors because I have seen them in action and they work very hard. With that said, I knew that in order to stand out and build a name for the business I needed to bring something different to the table. That led me to build a business model around the concept of authenticity and quality.

With that vision, I spent countless hours following trend setters around the globe, visited with some event designers and asked them what they considered the Valley lacked in terms of event furniture. We also consulted with a few brides who gladly shared their vision for their weddings. All of that is what inspired our selections, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve come up with. I can confidently say that when customers visit our showroom they will be refreshingly surprised. They will find things that have not been seen in the in the Rio Grande Valley, or at minimum, things that have not been overplayed.

We love working with brides or event designers that are open to new, trendy, and authentic ideas, because nothing makes us happier than being able to showcase our unique furniture. We also love it when we can showcase the talent and the creativeness of our florist. He has learned from the best, and continues to amaze me with his creations. I’m blessed to have him in my team.


Tips for planning the big day?

Tip number one: You don’t need to splurge on everything to have that wow wedding. There are a few things that aren’t worth spending on, and other things that are of high visual impact – concentrate on those things. In essence, be a selective spender. Here are a few examples of elements of high visual impact:

· Try incorporating an impressive book signing area with an assortment of beautiful flowers, candles and luxurious mirror tables.
· You may also consider splurging on the sweetheart table with a spectacular background.
· Select a couple of tables to have incredibly sensational centerpieces, and the rest can be more on the modest side.
· Include a couple of linen seating areas, and it will give your wedding the appeal of a very expensive wedding, without having to spend a lot of money.
· Incorporate a mirror imperial table for the family of the bride and the family of the groom. This is very trendy and it will give you the wow actor to take your wedding from conventional to sensational.
· Our armchairs and sofas are the perfect accent pieces for your wedding.
· Whether you’re looking for luxurious formal decor, a vintage touch to your reception, or rustic furniture for your wedding day, Ambiance Flowers & Rentals have what you want, right here in the Valley.

Photography by: Alaa Marzouk  & Brenda Marzouk | Location: Casa Polonia | jewelry : CARATS