We all know about proper etiquette at weddings because of the one’s we have attended through out our lives. We are taught the basics and have conformed to these rules all of our lives. However, in this new age of technology, these rules don’t seem to apply as well as they did before.  With so much technology at our fingerprints we have to be able to adapt to the new rules and standards of wedding etiquette that are appropriate for this time period.

We all know that as soon as a guy has popped the question, the engagement ring picture will be shared on Facebook and Instagram within minutes. This is a great way to announce your engagement and to showcase your happiness with all your social media friends. However, be sure to call your parents and loved one’s before posting/tweeting about it! Your family members will want to hear it from you, and you will want to see their reactions.

Wedding invitations are mailed to all your loved ones, but the concept of the save the date email and social media post has become very popular in these couple of years. It is completely acceptable and also encouraged to post a picture or email a picture that says the date of your event. It should be sent as soon as you have reserved the venue in order to have guests pre-informed of the date, before sending the actual invitations. You can also email rehearsal dinner invitations, and the after party invitations. Guests will most likely appreciate this because of the easy access they have to their inbox. It is a modern way to spread the word and let your family and friends know the dates and events instantly.

If you are getting married, be sure to create a hash tag for the day of the event and spread the word! This will enable you to get the feed on your wedding day, and to see the event afterwards through the perspective of your guests. Create a hash tag that you believe is best for your wedding day and post it on your social media prior, or have it visible during the wedding. You will be surprised at the many posts this hash tag will be generating, and the many pictures of your guests you will be able to see afterwards.

Having a cellphone at your fingerprints also means distraction at your fingerprints. If you are attending a wedding, make sure to keep the phone away as much as possible!.

If you are the bride or the groom, keep of your phone at all times!!!

Be sure to enjoy the moment and not be distracted by a little thing such as your phone. There will be photographers taking pictures of you, and there will be people recording everything; there is no need for you to use your cellphone!. You can assign a person to be in charge of posting a picture to instagram, or a tweet during the ceremony. This will give you something less to worry about and will let you concentrate on the day you have been waiting for so long!

Technology can either be a blessing or a curse. Social media has taken us into an age of easy access and distribution of information and events. Make sure to create a technology friendly environment and take advantage of the great tool you have available!.

Be able to adapt and to utilize the power of smartphones and social media to revolutionize your wedding into a modern day celebration!