An exclusive interview from a super fan


Betsey Johnson started the label in 1978 and her commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision has afforded continued success in the fashion industry for the past 50 years. Starting in 2004, the Betsey Johnson label expanded as a lifestyle brand with the introduction of intimates, handbags and leather goods, footwear, bridal, kids, dresses, watches, jewelry, eyewear, swimwear, legwear, outerwear, luggage, fragrance activewear and home. Today the distribution is in over 2,000 specialty boutiques and an established wholesale business in both domestic and international markets.

CF: I absolutely love your upcoming summer line, especially your crossbody fruit purses. What was your inspiration for this collection?
BJ: “Happiness” cute n’ sexy” healthiness + hun- dryness!

CF: What event or moment in your life inspired you to take the leap to become the fashion Icon you have become?
BJ: Had no “icon” idea…just loved my work + re- tail stores + all of a sudden after 55 years…you’re an icon!

CF: What is your time favorite piece that you have designed?
BJ: T-Shirt … “ Guys love BJ”

CF: What has been your greatest success?

BJ: My daugther Lulu + 2 grand kids.

CF: What advice would you give to an artist who aspires to achieve similar accomplishments?

BJ: If you build it…it will come field of dreams. Thanks! XOXO Betsey.


“Meeting fashion icon, Betsey Johnson was a dream come true and far exceeded any ex- pectations I could have ever had meeting her. “She made me feel so comfortable talking to her, like I had known her forever. Her fun, carefree, and spunky personality definitely reflects the Betsey Johnson brand. I’ve been such a fan of her fashion and style as far as I can remember. She inspires my life on a daily basis from my style, the photos I take of my Pup, Cherry Pie the Doxie, and my art. This is a day I will never forget and cherish always”.


a Super Fan