The Perfect & Practical Gift Registry

Create a gift list that is both useful for you and convenient for your guests.

Benefits for everybody. Having a wedding gift registry is an option with benefits for all: The bride and groom may choose the style of gifts they wish for., and the guests are able to have a list of the couple’s wishes and likes. Besides, the stores, which offer this type of service, include also additional benefits such as: free gift shipping, merchandise exchange, payment plans, and credit for the couple. With so many benefits, bride and groom shouldn’t worry if they desire to include those pricey gifts they really want, actually, if a family member wishes to surprise them with that special gift, having a list like this is the best thing to do.

Virtual registries, wonderful!
Not only these important stores you like and know offer the benefit of a wedding registry, there are a lot of other stores who offer online wedding registries too. There you’ll not only find, furniture or appliances but also home building materials, honeymoon, travel packages, and all kind of wedding services for you to book or hire. This is such a great idea especially if you have foreign guests attending.

Combine and be a winner
As a way to help your guests, set your gift registry in more than one store. Having different choices and variety is something they will really appreciate.

Where should I start?
Choosing the items for your wedding registry is fun and exciting but you have to consider that it will take time and requires planning. Check these tips:

1. Start by deciding with your partner the style both wish to have in your new home. Make use of magazines, and clip those photos or ideas you most like.

2. Look around carefully every room in your new home, make notes and do a “must have” list.

3. Think about your parents’ home and make a list of all those things you use daily and include them in your list.

4. Share your list with your mother, best married friend or sister, they will definitely help you identify which things are necessary and which are not.

5. Do not leave this to the last moment. Have your registry completed at least two months prior to your event, if possible this way your guests may be able to take advantage of store o ers, season’s discounts, and even use those same lists to buy gifts for your bachelorette/ bachelor parties.