“A good make-up artist needs to understand a bride’s overall concerns, what is most important in achieving their desired look, and fulfilling that commitment you make with them”.

“Let a Wedding Make-Up Artist Make You A Beautiful and Ravishing Bride!”

A professional makeup artist will be trained in the art of highlighting your very best features, with the experience of contouring any imperfections or working with problem areas that may be of concern. Keep in mind that you want to look and feel your very best, not only for yourself, but for all those hundreds of wedding photographs that you and your family will look at the rest of your life! My advice is to hire a professional who can help you enjoy the memories of a life- time! With Hair and Make up by Ana, we understand what’s involved to make you look glamorous and a professional make-up artist will have the experience in working with hair and makeup to give you a professional look for your photo memories!