by Dr. John Bec

Every bride and groom wants to look and feel their best for their big day. From the exchanges of vows, to the throwing of the bouquet, photos and videos will commemorate every special moment, and the smiles they bring. Luckily, with a little dental care, every bride or groom-to-be can make his or her wedding day truly sparkle.As a dentist with years of experience providing customized service to my patients, here are a range of techniques and services available to brides and grooms so they can have a radiant smile that reflects their inner joy when they tie the knot.


Yellowed, stained teeth are uninvited guests to any event. With a basic cleaning that removes tartar, stains and built up plaque, newly weds- to-be can make sure their smiles are as bright as their planned future together. Polishing, air abra- sion and hand tools make a big difference when it comes to li ing stains from the teeth. To whiten those pearly whites so they match the color of the bride’s dress, a client can go further and opt for whitening services.

This popular cosmetic dental procedure pro- duces stunning results. Unlike home-use systems that incorporate low-dose bleaching agents, professional whitening takes place under customized, highly monitored conditions which allow for a safe, controlled, pain-free procedure that will brighten your smile multiple shades. At our o ce, we o er custom whitening trays, as well as the best whitening system currently on the market, Kor Power-Whitening, for immediate results. To make the procedures more accessible and convenient, my o ce o ers in-o ce service as well as at-home visits.


A few poorly shaped teeth can a ect someone’s entire smile, be it an excessively long tooth or jagged incisor. Fortunately, with the right con- touring and bonding procedures, your dentist can ensure each tooth is perfectly shaped to t your smile. To reshape or contour teeth, mis- shapen areas are trimmed and evened out for proper bite and alignment. The teeth are then smoothed and polished for a perfect nish. This can be accomplished during a “lunchtime proce- dure,” and with no shots.
For more comprehensive shaping and longer- term results, porcelain veneers are another ex- citing option. These custom-made, wafer-thin shells are designed to cover the surface of teeth to improve appearance, and are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve their color, shape, size, or length. Even better? They last 15-20 years. With these technologies and procedures, the shape of your teeth can be formed into a sym- metrical, perfectly shaped smile that lightens up any photograph.


When you’re planning a wedding, everything has a place: each flower arrangement and centerpiece is placed just so to complete the ideal picture. By adjusting the placement of your teeth, you can assure your smile is just as perfectly planned. A snaggle tooth or gap bothering you? Are your teeth crowding? Invisalign is the gold standard when it comes to aligning teeth, and clients can see results in 3-6 months with this easy and affordable product. Best of all, Invisalign in pain-free and requires no shots. By ensuring each tooth is in the right location in the mouth, your smile will look better than ever.


A final consideration when it comes to getting the perfect smile is framing. Any wedding photographer worth his salt knows that to get the perfect picture, it’s not just about capturing the subject, it’s about framing the shot. The same is true of teeth. If there’s excess gum tissue or too little, a bride or groom may have the perfect smile, but no one will be able to see it! Luckily, with a short, one-time procedure, gum tissue can be added or removed to better frame your beautiful smile. Clients may also consider options like Botox and other temporary injections to ensure one’s lips perfectly frame the teeth.
Ultimately, no one is born with perfect teeth. Yet, cutting edge technologies and affordable, convenient dental procedures now exist so that brides and grooms can show o the smile of their dreams on their big day. With correct whitening, shaping, placement and framing, a happy couple can share a smile that will last a lifetime.